T-6 fluted plate, is it possible?

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T-6 fluted plate, is it possible? Empty T-6 fluted plate, is it possible?

Post by Beef-Lo-Mein on Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:54 pm

I've been playing around in the char builder and it seems impossible to come up with enough strength to wear t-6 fluted. Nevermind the cost of materials, is it possible to wear a full set of this plus 350 shield (by this point strength for shield is covered), and say 485 axe? This is assuming a dwarf cavalier toon with -25 axe, -25 armor, and -30 shield. All mod items ( earrings, rings, bracelets, bracers, cloaks ) give top strength. I've been looking around and all this adds up to around 118 modded strength. From what I've seen it takes 520 strength to wear t-6 fluted without penalty. That leaves 402 strength. Do you have to sacrifice the shield completely and gimp weapon training to get this? My goal is to make a pure tank with max armor, max shield, and top weapon. I don't want to rely on buffs for strength but it seems more and more the case. That would mean I could only use my gear when in a party because I wouldn't have the dp to spend to get the top strength buffs. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any and all advice on this.


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T-6 fluted plate, is it possible? Empty Re: T-6 fluted plate, is it possible?

Post by pinja on Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:19 am

Without buffs i would say it isnt possible.


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T-6 fluted plate, is it possible? Empty Re: T-6 fluted plate, is it possible?

Post by Gildrial on Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:30 am

Yh dude i have to agree it doesn't seem quite possible, perhaps u could go for a mix of t6 and t5 or t4. i know its not quite what u wanted but its the best thing i can suggest, unless u sacrafice some of ur other skills, and reduce wep and shield to a lower level. You should also attempt to create ur toon with maximum strength and reduce other things like dexertity and intelligence to their minimums, although the potentially mite backfire when comes to tanking ep dmge

sorry couldn't be of great help but i hope this is of some use

Gild Very Happy


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T-6 fluted plate, is it possible? Empty Yes it's possible

Post by Gillibran on Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:26 am

It is possible to get into full t6 fluted armor, however I think it's only possible with a 2-handed weapon user. basically you need as much strength as is possible for t6 fluted it's 520 str req.

This is a build I was researching to get into t6 fluted, some of the data is probably out as I have not accounted for new items, people who are more familiar with these should be able to provide up to date info.

It's not 100% accurate I know there are mods missing, but it's a basic idea of whats possible.


Elf Demiurge

Base Str 70
Armor 300
Polearm 450 (you could choose staff or any other 2 handed weapon)
Spellcraft 38 (+ 70 mods for 2nd step buffs, probably different now due to new items)
Bardic 401 (step 2 sfordanzo with adept jerkin + 72 str)
Druid 420 (+40 mods for step 2 Force of Nature and Soul of Predator +144 str)
Conj 346 (+84 mods step 2 Might of Magic +72 str)
Summ 0 (+70 mods step 3 minor infernal might +7)
Items +72 str

You can alter bardic or conj for summ, but would require 53 spellcraft in order to cast step 2 MoA (+72 str). Druid would be essential as it's the only school (that I'm aware of) that offers 2 str buffs

With this build on Charbuilder I still have 10640 dp remaining.

Depending how much switching of items you want to do, it is possible to refine this even more, as I said previously I'm not fully researched on all the new items but I would think it'd be much easier now to get into t6 fluted and it was just an idea I was playing with, who's ever gonna have the 1022 Norium to be able to create such a thing, that's a lot of mining Smile

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T-6 fluted plate, is it possible? Empty Re: T-6 fluted plate, is it possible?

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